Corporate Discount on Thanksgiving Turkey

Corporate Discount on Thanksgiving Turkey

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Corporate Turkey!

Do you love your employees and want to reward them each with one of our amazing turkeys for the holiday?  This year, we're offering a 10% discount and free delivery to your office for the nicest of bosses!  Minimum order of 10 turkeys (mixed sizes OK). 

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About our Thanksgiving Turkey (normally $6.95/lbs)

Our turkeys, like all of our poultry, come from Amish Farms in Lancaster, PA.  The birds are brought live to a small NJ facility each morning and are slaughtered for us by Goffle Rd Poultry Farm  to ensure freshness and quality.  Barn-raised (cage free) without the use of hormones or antibiotics and fed a purely vegetarian diet, you won't think twice about ditching frozen supermarket turkeys ever again.

Little known fact - there is a loop hole in the 'fresh' meat business for Turkeys - a turkey can be kept brined and at 26 F and still sold as a 'fresh' (never frozen) product in our country; and a turkey held between 0 and 26 F (which is a frozen turkey) and then thawed does not need to be labeled as previously frozen.  That thanksgiving turkey you pick up at the local supermarket could be 6 months old!  At Dickson's there is no guessing - our turkeys are as fresh as can be.