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Easter Suckling Lamb

Suckling Lamb $13/lb

($120/half or $240/whole lamb deposit)

Feast Like The Pope
For over a thousand years, the Easter Feast of the Pope (according to his twitter account) has been centered around roasted suckling lamb.  Join in this tasty (and easy to execute) tradition!

Our Easter lambs (also known as baby lambs) weigh 28-35lbs and come from Woolley Sheep Farm in Rutland, NY. The meat is tender and delicious, and perfect for slow roasting in a home oven, smoker or on the grill -- we are happy to give you cooking tips for whatever method you choose and can break it down according to your specifications. Easter lamb is a special treat we carry only once a year so take advantage of this opportunity!

We sell our tasty Easter Lambs by the half or whole lamb and quantities are limited - ORDER TODAY!

Add Offal - We sell the lamb's offal (head, heart, and liver and testicles) separately.  All are vacuum sealed for freshness and easy freezing.

Pickup - Lambs will be available for pickup at our Chelsea Market location Thursday 4/2 - Sunday 4/5, 10am-6pm

Shipping - Our Easter Hams and Suckling Lambs can be shipped NATIONWIDE!  Packages will go out Wednesday April 1st for delivery Thursday April 2nd.  Please let us know if you'd like to make other arrangements.

About Dickson's Farmstand Meats

Dickson's Farmstand is a neighborhood butcher shop in Chelsea Market offering artisanal meats and house-made charcuterie. Our beef, pork, lamb, and poultry are sourced from small, family farms in upstate New York that are carefully handpicked for their humanely-raised, high-quality animals. We proudly share with you the stories of our farmers and their practices. Our charcuterie is made in-house by chef, David Schuttenburg, and his team. Honoring tradition and the values of our shop, we make all of our products from the same whole animals from which we cut our steaks and chops. We strive to use every part of every animal - from nose-to-tail. All of our meat is raised without added hormones, prophylactic antibiotics, or animal by-products - and is always 100% feedlot/CAFO free.