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Heritage Ham

Boneless Heritage Ham ($16/lbs)

Our traditional Heritage Hams are a classic, city-style, boneless hams. Brined for seven days and smoked for twenty hours with hickory and applewood. Moist and tender, with perfectly balanced salty, sweet, and smoky flavors. Excellent for slow roasting and applying your favorite glaze:

Heritage Hams ($16/lb) are from our two main pork suppliers, Sir William Angus (Farmer Bruce Conover) and Stony Brook Farm (Farmer Bob Comis). Bob and Bruce raise Berkshire pigs along with Old Spot, Tamworth, and Large Black varieties. This is some of the tastiest pork in the world.

Deposit- We charge you a deposit to reserve online ($64/half or $128/whole ham) . We'll settle up for the difference (ham weight x price/lbs - deposit) at pickup (or by phone before shipping).

If you'd like a larger or smaller ham, please to the notes section at checkout.

Other Details

Pickup- All pickup orders can be picked up at our Chelsea Market location during regular business hours.  If there is a specific day  you'd like to pick up, make a note on your order, call us at 212-242-2630.

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Dickson’s Farmstand is a purveyor of a unique selection of artisanal meat and meat products. Our beef, lamb, pork, goat and poultry are sourced from local farms, hand-picked because of their commitment to producing natural, humanely-raised, high-quality and distinctive meat products. At Dickson’s, we connect you to the source of your food: small-scale, sustainable farms that feel just out of reach here in New York City. We introduce you to each of our farmers by sharing with you the stories of their animals, their farms, and their growing methods. We offer grass-fed/grass-finished, organic, heritage breed and more traditional meat products—always feed-lot free and raised without added hormones, the use of prophylactic antibiotics or animal by-products.