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The Whole Beast Card - Beef


At Dickson's we do everything a little differently. Our gift certificates take your loved one on a
tour of the whole animal (well, close to it). As you work your way through the different cuts, we
punch as you go (a la coffee cards). The cards themselves are business-card sized, so easily kept in your wallet!

Once you purchase online, you'll receive an email with a link to download a copy of What You Get with your Gift Certificate which you can present to the gift recipient.

When the recipient comes in to the shop, we’ll provide them with the actual gift card to keep in their wallet (so they don’t have to carry around this big piece of paper). Please let us know if you’d like us to mail the card to you instead.

 **Please let us know in the checkout notes section who will be coming to pick up the Gift Certificate**

What You Get:
a. 2.5# boneless chuck eye/roast
b. 2# shoulder steak
c. 2# boneless chuck short ribs

a. 2# brisket
b. 1# pastrami/corned beef
a. 2# cross cut beef shanks
Plate :
a. 3# short ribs
b. 2# flanken

Rib :
a. 1 bone-in ribeye, 1.25 thick
b. 1 boneless ribeye, 1.25" thick

Short Loin :
a. 1 T-Bone, 1.25" thick
b. 1 NY Strip, 1.25" thick
Sirloin :
a. approx 1.5# culotte (1 skewer)
b. 1 whole tri-tip
c. approx 1# sirloin filet
b. approx 1.5# top sirloin

Round :
a. 2# top round
b. 2.5# bottom round
c. 1# roast beef
d. 2.5# eye of round

*we're happy to work with any reasonable special requests or if you'd like a combination of cuts within a category.

About Dickson's Farmstand Meats

Dickson’s Farmstand is a purveyor of a unique selection of artisanal meat and meat products. Our beef, lamb, pork, goat and poultry are sourced from local farms, hand-picked because of their commitment to producing natural, humanely-raised, high-quality and distinctive meat products. At Dickson’s, we connect you to the source of your food: small-scale, sustainable farms that feel just out of reach here in New York City. We introduce you to each of our farmers by sharing with you the stories of their animals, their farms, and their growing methods. We offer grass-fed/grass-finished, organic, heritage breed and more traditional meat products—always feed-lot free and raised without added hormones, the use of prophylactic antibiotics or animal by-products.