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 $15.00/quarter lb.

Heat Level : 9/10

CHILI PEPPER JERKY -- For our new line of chili pepper-based beef jerky, we use a simple salt & pepper background (& great beef) to feature each chili pepper's unique flavor & heat characteristics.  Each batch uses the same amount of dried chili pepper by weight - so you are experiencing the flavor, and heat difference of each specific pepper.

GHOST PEPPER (BHUT JOLIOKIA) -- Seasoned with Ghost Peppers from the Assam region of Eastern India. Ghost Peppers are rated at over 1 million Scoville Heat Units (300x hotter than a Jalapeno! ).  In 2007 Ghost Peppers were named the world's hottest pepper (though other peppers have since surpassed it).  The Ghost Pepper heat keeps building and building as you eat it (yikes!)

As with all our jerky, we start with lean cuts of local, naturally-raised beef that we hand slice, season and dehydrate in small batches for big, beefy flavor!

Warning: Our house-made jerky & meat sticks are deliciously addictive -- we guarantee that, after one taste, you'll be forever ruined for all other jerky on the market

Store in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator.  If if stored refrigerated, consume within 3 months.  If stored at room temp, consume within 1 weeks.



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