Giancarlo Sbarbaro



Giancarlo’s story is about a newfound dedication to whole animal butchery and supporting the American food system at its best. In 2008, Giancarlo graduated with a B.S. in Economics at The University of Colorado (Boulder) and followed suit with a typical office job. During these unsatisfying workdays, he took his lifelong interest in good food a step further by investigating where his good quality meat came from and how it can be processed in a humane and local food system.

Giancarlo began to research and experience all could – from animal husbandry to FDA food safety regulations for meat product retailers. Once he started down the path of meat, there was no turning back. Giancarlo began with a whole hog butchering class in Denver and became a stagiaire at a charcuterie shop making coppa, prosciutto and guanciale. Next came the introduction by his friend, a veterinarian, to a pig he was caring for, and its owner at a slaughterhouse. Giancarlo went for a tour at the slaughterhouse and asked for a job; where he worked in 2010 on the kill floor slaughtering lambs, goats, cows and pigs.

After these experiences, Giancarlo moved to upstate New York to pursue a butcher certificate in 2012. During this time, he began to look for places throughout the U.S. that practiced small-scale whole animal butchery and “did it well and right.” Dickson’s was at the top of his list. He visited us several times and kept in constant contact with the manager until he secured a butcher position in August 2012. Giancarlo’s goal is “to be fully integrated with animal butchery, from farm to plate.”



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