KellyBronze - The USA Story

Paul Kelly (son of Derek and Molly Kelly) started work on the farm in 1984 which was the inaugural year of Kelly Bronze. Over the years, he wanted to start the unique artisan method of turkey farming in the US but could not find the right farm or partner.

That changed in 2012 after meeting Judd Culver and the rest of the Culver family.

Heritage Glen farm was purchased in 2014. The traditional 1800’s farm house was renovated and a small unique dry plucking facility was erected in 2015.

Heritage Glen Farm

100 acres of turkey paradise in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The original Homestead, now in ruins, dates back to the first settlers in the US. The farm house was built across the creek in the 1800’s.

The farm is perfect for raising turkeys, with sixteen acres of flat pasture and trees in the front of the farm to raise the turkeys when young in the late spring and early summer. They can then be moved onto fresh ground further up the mountain in late summer and into fall.

The turkeys are then walked to the processing unit at the beginning of November to be plucked and dry aged before the winter weather sets in. This timeframe allows for natural maturation and slow growth. Farming at its best with no stress for the turkeys.



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