KellyBronze - Why is a KellyBronze so expensive?

  • The breeding stock are not high performance egg machines like the modern breeds and the season is much shorter. We collect approximately 50 eggs per hen vs 120
  • The turkeys are twice the age at harvest, so we have twice the farming cost
  • They are a slow growing breed, therefore feed conversion is about 30% less than modern white turkeys
  • The stocking density is 200 per acre vs an average of 16000 per acre for commercial turkeys
  • The labor cost to pluck the turkeys dry by hand is about 10 times the cost of a modern factory
  • Hanging (dry-aging) the turkeys and dry ageing them results in a 3% weight loss
  • All Kelly Bronze turkeys have the drumstick tendons removed to ensure better eating quality this removes weight and costs labour. About 2% on cost. But makes the drumstick a delight to eat.
  • A meat thermometer is included with every Kelly Bronze free of charge
  • Our USDA licensed premise is only used for 5 weeks of the year as it is so specialist so our investment costs per turkey are about 20 times more than a factory turkey.


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