Woolley Sheep Farm

Rutland, NY

Easter Lambs & Market Lambs

Woolley Sheep Farm is owned and operated by Colleen Woolley and Harold Boomhower in Rutland, N.Y, at the base of Lake Ontario on the Tug Hill Plateau. The Tug Hill Plateau is well-known for its deep, fertile soils and excellent seasonal moisture. The farm consists of 115 acres of wide open fields and pastures on which they utilize wind power to pump water throughout their land.

The sheep raised at Woolley Sheep Farm are a cross between Romanoff, Dorsett, and Finn breeds. They are sold as hot-house or milk-fed lambs at approximately 4 months of age. This combination of genetics and production methods gives us wonderfully, tender, and mild tasting lamb. Because of the young age of the lamb, cuts that normally would require slow cooking techniques such as roasting or braising can be prepared in the pan or on the grill.

Farm to Market: 318 miles
Address: 27938 State Route 126, Watertown NY

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