Burgundy Truffles (1oz) w/ Truffle Shaver

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THE REAL DEAL - Our Truffles imported by our friend, customer & neighbor, Celine,  of Gourmet Attitude - New York's premier supplier of truffles.  Gourmet Attitude flies truffles in 2-3 times per week from France.

Shave over your carved turkey, stuffing, gravy (really ANYTHING) to up the decadence level of your Thanksgiving Feast.

We’re including a stainless, adjustable truffle shaver do you can perfectly grate your truffles on your plate.

The Tuber Uncinatum Chatin, also known as Burgundy truffle, has a black skin made up of small diamond shaped pyramids. The flesh is dark brown, branched with white marbling. Its perfume is characterized by a delicate mixture of mushroom and hazelnut. Burgundy truffles are available and in season from September to January in France, Italy and Spain.  

Portions- 1oz

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