Heritage Ham (Bone-In)

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Bone-In Heritage Ham ($16.99/lbs)


Our traditional Holiday Heritage Hams are a classic, city-style, bone-in hams. Brined for seven days and smoked for twenty hours with hickory and applewood. Moist and tender, with perfectly balanced salty, sweet, and smoky flavors. Excellent for slow roasting and applying your favorite glaze:

Our pork comes from Sir William Angus (Farmer Bruce Conover).   Bruce raises Berkshire pigs fed barley and local grains - producing some of the tastiest pork in the world!

Deposit- We charge you a deposit to reserve online. We'll settle up for the difference (actual weight x price/lbs - deposit) at pickup (or by phone before shipping).

Size- If you'd like a larger or smaller ham, please to the notes section at checkout.

Heating Instructions- Our smoked hams are fully cooked and can be eaten cold right out of the fridge. If you'd like to serve hot, remove from the refrigerator two hours prior to heating and let come to room temp.  Cut away net with kitchen shears or a pairing knife and gently remove.  Place your ham in a 280 degree oven to heat until warmed through (approx 12 minutes per lb or 110 degrees in the middle).  Apply glaze periodically during heating (every 15-20 minutes).

Pickup- All pickup orders can be picked up at our Chelsea Market location during regular business hours after Thursday 12/20
Shipping- Christmas shipments will go out Thursday 12/20 for overnight delivery. If you need your package to go out on a different date to ensure someone is available to receive, let us know ASAP!  For other special shipping concerns/requests call us at 212-242-2630.



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