All-Beef Rohwurst Salami (House Made)

All-Beef Rohwurst Salami (House Made)

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Rohwurst are a mild German-Style Salami.  Ours are made using 100% beef from our our two New York State farm partners (Wrighteous Organics & Rosenkrans Natural Beef)


MINI/SNACK STICK - These small salami are stuffed into sheep casings and aged for 2-4 weeks.  Slice into rustic pieces or simply take a bite! ≈1/2" diameter.

MEDIUM - Our medium salami are stuffed into hog casings and aged for 3-5 weeks.  Easy to slice for snacking, a charcuterie board or a picnic basket. ≈1" diameter.

LARGE - Our large salami are stuffed into beef middles and aged for 5-8 weeks. Slice thinly for charcuterie boards or sandwiches. ≈1.75" diameter.

Store in the refrigerator wrapped in paper to avoid drying out.



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