Farm-to-Bowl Dog Food

At Dickson's Farmstand we believe that everyone should eat well-raised meats, even your pooch!  Our Farm-to-Bowl Dog Food is made from the same locally-raised, family farmed beef & pork that we sell in our store, combined with fresh produce.  We developed our dog food recipe with canine nutritionist, Stacy Alldredge, to be a complete, balanced diet for your dog, and all of the cooking, grinding, and packaging takes place at our butcher shop.

An ardent advocate on behalf of dogs for 20 years, Stacy Alldredge is a specialist in canine behavioral problems including aggression, separation anxiety, obsessive/compulsive disorder, and fear issues - big challenges that regularly confront the urban dog and their guardians.  For more information on Stacy's services and classes, visit Who's Walking Who.

Each Farm-to-Bowl Dog Food package contains approximately 2lbs. of our basic blend:

35% Locally-Raised Cooked Beef & Pork (including a high percentage of offal)
29% Roasted Yams (squash or pumpkin substituted seasonally)
18% Raw Apples
18% Raw Carrots

Portion Conversion Table

70-80 lbs. Dog 1.5 lbs/meal
50-60 lbs. Dog 1.0 lbs/meal
40-45 lbs. Dog .75 lbs/meal
20-35 lbs. Dog .5 lbs/meal
10-20 lbs. Dog .25 lbs/meal

To reserve your Farm-to-Bowl Dog Food call 212-242-2630.

Do you have questions, concerns, or need advice about keeping your dog happy and healthy? Contact Stacy Alldredge and her team at