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Fresh Capon ($11.99/lb) (Uncooked)


Having a smaller gathering?  We're offering a fresh Capon. Perfect for those that love love the flavor of chicken, but want a bigger, juicer bird.

Capon are castrated male chickens. They grow big and juicy (8-10 lbs!) with a high percentage of white meat (bigger breasts, smaller legs).

Our capon come from Amish Farms in Lancaster, PA.  The birds are brought live to a small NJ facility each morning and are slaughtered for us by Goffle Road Poultry Farm to ensure freshness and quality.  Barn-raised (cage free) without the use of hormones or antibiotics and fed a purely vegetarian diet, you won't think twice about ditching frozen supermarket birds ever again.

Size- 8 lbs (Fresh Weight)

Payment - We charge you online for the weight estimate.  At pickup you simply pay the difference for the actual price of the turkey.

Pickup- All pickup orders can be picked up at our Chelsea Market location during regular business hours on Tuesday, November 23th or Wednesday, November 24th.

Shipping- Thanksgiving shipments will go out Monday, November 22th & Tuesday, November 23th for overnight delivery. If you need your package to go out on a specific date (Monday or Tuesday) to ensure someone is available to receive, let us know ASAP!  For other special shipping concerns/requests call us at 212-242-2630.


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