Our Abattoir: Double L Ranch

Altamont, NY

Finding a good processor (slaughterhouse) is probably the hardest challenge facing small farmers in the Northeast. Over the last 40 years, there has been tremendous consolidation in the industry, and as a result, there are only few small slaughterhouses left.  We currently send all of our animals to Double L Ranch in Altamont, NY (12 miles west of Albany, NY).
During a busy day at Double L, 10 cows are slaughtered - in contrast to 150-400 beef per hour in a large commodity slaughterhouse. This scale allows for the safe and humane handling of all animals. Great care is taken and the risk to your food is greatly diminished.
Double L is run by Lowell Carson and his two sons. No one else gets close in quality and reliability. Owner Lowell Carson began his career as a chef in the 70s in the Albany area. He moved to the meat business when restaurant hours became too tough while raising a family. Since then he's worked in every part of the business - deboning cull cows for the hot dog business; door-to-door meat sales; grading and butchering veal; retail butcher shop; teaching slaughter and butchering at SUNY Cobleskill; custom cutting of venison during deer season.  Lowell and his son Lowell Jr. run the cutting room, while son Zack runs the kill floor. 


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