KellyBronze - What makes a Kelly Bronze so special?

It is a chain of events that makes the perfect turkey and the Kelly Bronze completes that quality chain

  1. Slow growing breed, mature when processed (maturity has the biggest single impact on flavor)
  2. Grown wild in the woodlands giving the meat flavor and texture due to the natural movement and exercise that occurs living free as nature intended
  3. Fed only a natural corn and soya diet to supplement the natural food sources consumed from the fields and woodlands.
  4. Dry plucked, therefore no added water, which allows for dry aging
  5. Dry aged for at least 7 days before preparing for the oven – hanging results in tender meat due to an enzyme change in the meat which breaks down the connective tissue (collagen) in the muscle.
  6. Stored at specific temperatures to ensure optimum eating quality and tenderness
  7. Presented in a Kelly Bronze box with full and unique cooking instructions and a meat thermometer. (A Kelly Bronze cooks at twice the speed of a normal turkey and needs different cooking methods)

There is no other turkey grown and processed like this anywhere in the USA. It is truly unique.



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