Wrighteous Organics

Schoharie, NY

Naturally-Raised, Grain-Finished Beef

Wrighteous Organics raises beef on pasture and finishes with certified organic grains raised on their farm in Schoharie NY, west of Albany.  The beef is beautifully marbled with an intense beefy flavor.

Wrighteous Organics Martin Tessarzik raises 90% of the beef for Dickson’s Farmstand. Beef began as an afterthought for Martin — Wrighteous Organics’ primary business has historically been raising organic small grains and other organic crops on the farm that his parents bought in 1962.

He originally brought in a few steer to eat the broken hay bales and leftover grains that couldn’t be sold, but as it turns out, Martin was a natural at raising high-quality beef and quickly fell in love with, and expanded, the operation.

At this point nearly all of the grains he raises on 400 acres go to feeding his beef operation.  Martin buys weaned calves from dedicated, local breeding operations and then feeds them on his small grains until they go to slaughter at 24-30 months. Wrighteous Organics primarily uses Angus & Herford stock, occasionally mixed with other breeds.

Farm to Market: 175 miles

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