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 KellyBronze Turkey ($13.35/lbs) (Uncooked)

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We're thrilled to be one of a handful of retailers in the USA to offer the KellyBronze Turkey!  These pasture-raised, heritage birds have been bred by three generations of The Kelly Family. They're slowly and carefully raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains before being slaughtered at The Kelly's own USDA facility, hand-plucked, and then hung for 7+ days.

There is no other turkey grown and processed like this anywhere in the USA. It is truly unique.

History of the KellyBronze Turkey

The Kelly family has produced turkeys since 1971 when the founders Derek and Molly Kelly decided to begin raising top quality Christmas turkeys in Danbury, England, 20 miles northeast of London.

In 1983, Derek Kelly travelled the UK collecting the last remaining flocks of pure bronze turkeys from Scotland, Wales, and England. This total of approximately 350 turkeys was the start of The KellyBronze, now in its third generation as a family business.

In 2015, The Kelly Family brought the KellyBronze to the USA.

What makes a KellyBronze so special?
    • Slow growing breed, mature when processed (maturity/age has the biggest single impact on turkey flavor).
    • Grown wild in the woodlands giving the meat flavor and texture due to the natural movement and exercise that occurs living free as nature intended.
    • Fed only a natural (non-GMO) corn and soy diet to supplement the natural food sources consumed from the fields and woodlands.
    • Dry plucked, therefore no added water, which allows for hanging/dry-aging.
    • Hung (dry-aged) for at least 7 days before preparing for the oven – hanging results in tender meat due to an enzyme change in the meat which breaks down the connective tissue (collagen) in the muscle.

    The USA Story- Heritage Glen Farm, Crozet Virginia

    Why Is A KellyBronze So Expensive?

    Science Behind the KellyBronze

    Key Points of Difference

    Lots More History of the KellyBronze

    How to Cook A KellyBronze

    How to Carve a KellyBronze


    Size- 12-13lbs or 15-16 lbs

    Payment - We charge you online for the bottom weight of  your chosen size increment.  At pickup you simply pay the difference for the actual price of the turkey.

    Pickup- All pickup orders can be picked up at our Chelsea Market location during regular business hours on Tuesday, November 26st or Wednesday, November 27st.
    Shipping- Thanksgiving shipments will go out Monday, November 25th & Tuesday, November 26th for overnight delivery. If you need your package to go out on a specific date (Monday or Tuesday) to ensure someone is available to receive, let us know ASAP!  For other special shipping concerns/requests call us at 212-242-2630.
    2018 Sides & Accoutrements
    Add Farmstand Stuffing Kit ($30) - Everything you need to make delicious, homemade stuffing for 10-12 people is included. The kit has stock, caramelized onions, cubed, crusty bread (from Amy's of course!) and classic sage sausage. It even comes with foolproof instructions for quick assembly and cooking.

    Add Giblet Gravy ($20) - One quart of classic turkey gravy (enough for 10-12 servings) made from scratch right here in our kitchen. Our gravy is rich, smooth and - best of all - done before the bird even goes in the oven.

    Farmstand Stuffing Kit

    Giblet Gravy

    Cranberry-Apple Sauce

    Maple-Sriracha Glazed Carrots

    Miso-Glazed Turnips

    Spice Roasted Apples

    Sorghum-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

    Herbed Compound Butter

    Bundle of Aromatics

    The Turkey Rub

    DFM Brine Kit



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