Basic Cooking Instructions and Methods

By jacob dickson

 Roasts for use with :

  • Lamb Cuts : leg of lamb (bone-in or boneless), shoulder roasts, bone-in loin roast
  • Beef Cuts : top round roast, bottom round roast, standing rib roast, chuck roll roast
  • Pork Cuts : loin roast, fresh ham, pork shoulder roast
  • Poultry Cuts : whole or half chicken (or other bird)

Steaks and Chops for use with :

  • Lamb Cuts : loin chops, rib chops, shoulder chops, round-bone/arm chops, leg steaks
  • Beef Cuts : ribeye (bone-in or boneless), T-bone, porterhouse, NY strip, sirloin steak, flat iron, top round steak, chuck steak
  • Pork Cuts : bone-in loin chops, boneless loin chops, center cut pork chops
  • Poultry Cuts : boneless chicken breast, chicken thighs or legs, bone-in chicken breast

Braising for use with :

  • Lamb Cuts : lamb shanks, lamb neck slices,
  • Beef Cuts : short ribs, 7-bone chuck roast, cross-cut beef shank
  • Pork Cuts : fresh hocks, pork shoulder
  • Poultry Cuts : whole chicken (or other lean birds)


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