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Lamb Head

Head of the Lamb that includes the brain, cheeks, and tongue

Roasts nicely whole. Great for stock.

Lamb Neck

Big Flavor, not a tender cut so works great for braises. Bone adds great flavor.  Can substitute for lamb shank recipes

Braise. Great for Lamb Curry. Braise and meat will fall/shred off the bone.

Lamb Shank

Lower leg bone and meat from lamb. There are four per animal (2 foreshanks/2 hindshanks)

Great for braising. Lots of collagen with gives it big flavor

Lamb Shoulder, Bone-in

Lamb shoulder has great fat content and rich (not gamey) flavor, makes it great from braising

Braise or stew. Braise at 325 degrees for 1.5-2hrs

Lamb Shoulder, Boneless

Great for a slow cooked roast. Boneless Lamb Shoulder can be easily stuffed.  Good to recommend for fattier lamb stew (cubed)


Heat oven to 375 degrees. Cook for about 40 minutes, until thermometer registers 125 degrees for medium rare.

Rack of Lamb

Very tender with great lamb flavor. Cut from the Rib Section of the Lamb. Can either be cooked whole as a roast or as chops. Bones typically frenched ~1”

Roast: Sear meat side down in hot skillet. Place meat side up in 450-degree oven for ~20 mins for Med-Rare.

Chops: Sear of medium heat

Lamb Loin Chop

Lamb T-Bone. Very tender and flavorful.  Great option when out of lamb rib chops/rack of lamb

Sear in medium hot skillet fat side down to for 2-3 mins then cook meat until desired doneness

Boneless Lamb Saddle, Noisettes

De-deboned lamb loin and tenderloin, tied together. Great for holidays or special occasions.  Two most tender parts of the lamb put together.

Brown in skillet and then roast in 400-degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until temp is 130 for medium rare

Lamb of Leg, Bone-in

Great Roasting Cut, Bone will add flavor

Roast in oven. 300 degrees for 75-90 minutes

Lamb of Leg, Boneless

Boneless Leg allows for stuffing for added flavor.  Good recommendation for leaner lamb strew (cubed)

Roast in oven. 300 degrees for 75-90 minutes

Lamb Sirloin

Small Roast cut from the top of the leg. Great Roast for 2.  Good fat cap.

Roast quickly in the oven 400 degrees for25-30 minutes.

Boneless Lamb Leg Steak

Cut from the Lamb Top Round. Very lean cut.  Tender

Sear in pan and keep rare-medium

Bone-in Lamb Leg Steak

Cross cut steak cut from Bone-in Leg. Nice fat content and great big flavor.

Sear quickly in pan or grill

Lamb Shoulder Blade Chop

Bone-in Lamb Steak with full flavor- includes shoulder blade.  Fatty

Sear in pan or grill. Cook to medium or medium well.

Lamb Shoulder Arm Chop

Bone in Lamb Steak with full flavor – includes part of humerus.  Fatty

Sear in pan or grill. Cook to medium or medium well.



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